Fertility Drugs and Your Emotions

One of the biggest side effects of taking fertility drugs is the emotional aspect. Women taking fertility drugs often report mood swings as severe as those experienced during pregnancy. This takes a toll on the woman and her partner.

It should come as no surprise that fertility drugs cause mood swings. Remember that all fertility drugs change the hormone levels in the body, specifically estrogen. This change in hormone levels is responsible for the ups and downs of your mood.

Some women find the intensity of the mood swings surprising. They tend to come on suddenly and can be provoked by seemingly mild issues. You may find that you blow up easily at your husband for things that would never have bothered you prior to taking the medication. Moments later, you may find you are reduced to tears.

You can mention the side effects to your doctor. Maybe he will try another drug. More often, there isn’t much that you can do from a medical perspective. The problem will resolve on its own when you stop taking the medication. Of course, by then you will likely be pregnant and then you will have a whole new set of emotional issues to deal with.

In the meantime, there are a few things you can do to reduce the stress and feel better. Possibly the most important thing both you and your husband can do is to recognize what is happening. Understanding that this is a normal side effect can make you both take things less seriously and let go of grudges which may otherwise be held.

Spend some time talking to your partner about your feelings to help him understand and be supportive. If you worry about unloading on him too much, talk to a friend. You should still have some conversations with your partner, but it can be helpful to talk to someone outside the relationship.

Find time to do things you find fun and relaxing. Yoga, meditation or a warm soak in the tub with relaxing music in the background may be helpful. Other ideas include a massage, an afternoon at the spa or lunch with a friend.

Try to exercise on a regular basis. Regular exercise releases endorphins into the blood stream. These endorphins create a feeling of well being, which may help to counteract negative moods.

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