Fifth Grade Science Curriculum

Science in fifth deals with life sciences. This is basically plant biology, human cells and body, and earth science as well. In teaching fifth grade science, in my opinion, you will need two books. I suggest your purchase a Grade 5 science textbook or curriculum set and a book on science experiments. While previously I suggested fun ways to learn science through field trips and other fun activities. Beginning in fifth grade to middle school, however, students should start using books more.

Subjects your biology books should are:

Biological adaptations: Changes in a species due to environmental stress

Biotic communities: Naturally occurring organisms within a system

Animal and plant classification: defining each plant or animal according to its type

Fish: Understanding the biology of fish

Reptiles: Understanding the biology of reptiles and what differentiates it from fish and mammals

Bacteria and molds: Understanding germs, viruses, and fungi

Trees, plants and their food: Understanding the biology of trees and plants

Conservation: Understanding conservation on energy and natural resources

Cells: Understanding the makeup of a cell

Human body: Understanding how cell makeup leads to the biology of the entire human body.

Landforms : Learning how water and erosion affect the landscape

Properties of air and water: This includes evaporation, and the molecular makeup of air and water

Time and seasons: Students are taught how the changes in time, time zones, and seasons work.

Temperature and thermometers: Students will be able to read thermometers in Celsius and Fahrenheit

Sun and solar system: Students will learn about the earth in relation to other planets and the sun.

Space and space exploration: Students will learn about space exploration. (Movies and a trip to a observatory are a great way to approach this topic.

Scientific method and scientific inquiry: This topic is taught yearly and is used when doing experiments.

Important Grade 5 Science Experiments: students will learn about and do experiments in following topics: magnetic fields, use and control of electricity, conduction and convection, Light and optics, force systems, Chemical systems.

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