File Formats For Digital Scrapbooking Layouts (2)

We have been discussing file formats for digital scrapbooking layouts and here are a few more to understand and become familiar with.


A .TIF file is a non-lossy file format for saving graphic files. It is a very large file size, except it provides beautiful, crisp printing, true to its original because there is little to no file compression.


The PSD format is the format for Photoshop. The benefits of saving in this format is that it will keep all of your layers separated for easy editing. PSD file formats can usually be opened with Paint Shop Pro, Photo Impact and a few other software programs..


This file format is native to Paint Shop Pro. Much like Photoshops .PSD, it will keep all of the layers separated for easy editing.


Another popular software amongst digital scrapbookers is Photo Impact. A .UFO file is the native format for Photo Impact. Just as the previous two, it keeps all layers intact for easy editing at a later date.

.PNG Plus

This is a Microsoft Digital Image Pro format. It is the one I have the least amount of experience with, but I do know that it will keep layers together as the above programs do but it can additionally be opened as a regular .PNG file by other programs. When this is done it does not contain layers. According to the Microsoft website, this program has been discontinued due to the release of Microsoft Vista. For more information visit the Microsoft Page.

Hopefully this brief run down helped to explain some of the more common questions that a new digital scrapbooker has about file size as well as any confusion you might have been faced with. There are dozens of resources available on the Internet to better explain the more technical size of each file format if you need some additional information.

Please see File Formats for Digital Scrapbooking Layouts (1) for the first part of this article.

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