Filling the Well Within When it’s Been Sucked Dry

Chocolate, Pedicures and a Great Book

Week after week goes by and you meet yourself coming and going, giving yourself a nod as you race by. There are faint memories of sunny days, family barbecues, plays and concerts all residing somewhere in the distant recesses of your memory. Family, church, friends, job – everybody needs their piece of your pie. Your mind races constantly, never at rest, with everything you must accomplish before imaginary or real deadlines. You trip over every thing in your path, even a crack in the sidewalk and drop everything you pick up.

The doctor tells you “reduce the stress in your life” and you snort quietly to yourself. How are you supposed to accomplish that? Die? So what do you do with a diagnosis of stress, stress, and more stress. What’s the cure? What do we do when life is coming down on us and there is no relief in sight? Well, the answer to stress is the following on a weekly basis:

First, scented candles and a long, luxurious bubble bath with bath salts by Scentiments added. Even if it has to be taken at 11:00 p.m., this is one of the greatest stress reducers. Add anything chocolate (in your mouth, not in the tub) along with a glass of ice water, a book by your favorite author and relax.

Second, attend the temple once a week. Within the walls of the temple you will find complete surcease from the world and the peace which permeates your soul is tremendous and long lasting. Prophetic promises assure us that in doing the work for those people on the other side of the veil we gain the help, love and guidance of those same people. You can’t go wrong there.

Third, a date. Go on a date with your husband, boyfriend, or call your friends and head out for a fun-filled night on the town. Now, I have to admit, my age is showing at this point. My husband and I try to go out on a date every single week. Sometimes it’s just a walk in the waning hours of the evening, but we do try to do something every week. But there’s just something about getting together with my girlfriends once in a while that fills that parched well. My girlfriends and I tend to do a lot of firesides in one form or another. When one of us is speaking we all get together and support her. Then we head out to dinner afterwards and talk, laugh and generally enjoy one another’s company. An occasional evening with the girls, or boys as the case may be, is a huge factor in realigning your universe.

Fourth, pedicures and manicures. You can never, never go wrong with a pedicure and manicure. They have these great massaging chairs now while your feet and hands are submerged in warm bubbly water. Your hands and feet are massaged, nails and cuticles clipped, shined and polished and you walk out of the salon, thirty minutes later, feeling like a new woman. Never underestimate the power of a great pedicure and manicure!

So tell, me what is it you like to do to “fill the well within?”