Finally an Invitation

The kid were excited that we were going to the in laws but they were a bit nervous too which we totally get. We were nervous too especially we know how hard conversations have been and sitting together may be even harder. We need to have a hard conversation with my mother and father in law and it is coming soon. We need to know if they plan on having a relationship with our family going forward. Being told that they are too busy to see their son and his family before February is ridiculous but this is where we are.

We talked to the kids about just smiling and say thank you no matter what. Our daughter’s birthday was in November and they have not seen her since her birthday that they chose not to come to her party. My daughter was wondering if they had her birthday present for her. It is really hard to look at your child and say that you just don’t know if Grandma and Grandpa are going to acknowledge your birthday. If not don’t say anything and we will take you out for a special day instead.

When we walked in we were hoping that things in the house had changed for the better. We were hoping that they had taken the kids conversation into consideration. The conversation was where the kids told them how they were hurt by all the pictures of their cousin, how they were hurt by the room just being hers. Unfortunately we all were disappointed. When we walked in there was even more pictures of their cousin and no additional ones of them. The grandparents added a single swing in the backyard but that is it.

When we were there doing gifts they received a phone call and she said it was a telemarketer so she got up and walked into her bedroom closed the door and had a 5 or 10 minute conversation. Then walked out and said how pesky telemarketers are. My husband and I are not stupid we know how his mother checks the caller id before she answers and does not answer if she does not know the number, the person or if it someone she does not want to talk to. Yet here on the one day she has had for our family in 5 months she takes a telemarketer call in her bedroom. Come on.

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