Finally Found The Dress

I should have known that the relationship with the in-laws was not going to be great, I would have been happy with tolerable.

Seeing as I had no friends in Texas yet I had very few choices when it came to choosing someone to go wedding dress shopping with me. I chose to take my fiancee with me; I know superstition says he should not have seen me in my dress before the wedding day. I do not believe in superstition. I wanted my one friend in Texas to come with me and he did.

I was not looking for a true wedding dress, we were having a small wedding and I was really looking just for a formal dress to wear. We went to a couple different stores and I could not decide until I saw the perfect dress but wait it was a traditional wedding dress. Did I really have a secret desire to have a real wedding dress? I do not think so but this dress was so pretty, it fit like it was made for me. It did not need any alterations at all.

When the in-laws heard that we chose a real wedding dress the fact that he came with me just did not sit well. By this time I have realized that no matter what I do the in-laws were not going to be happy with us getting married.

Now I am no detective but the signs were very obvious. Here are a few of them and you tell me if I jumped to the wrong conclusion:

My mother in law to be suggested a wedding date for us. It was the same day as his first

My mother in law suggested his former mother in law do the flowers for our wedding.

I kept getting called his ex-wife’s name.

The clues were definitely there but I kept ignoring them. I was marrying my fiancee not his family, I did not care what they thought of me. I knew that I am a nice person, I am a great friend to have (if I do say so myself) and I loved my fiancee. Isn’t that all that should matter to his family? Should their only concern be that he was going to be happy?

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