Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey

As a single mother who is always struggling to make ends meet I’m always looking for something to help. I read a lot, anyone who has ideas about stretching my money just a little farther has my attention.

Financial Peace fits that bill. This book, written by Dave Ramsey, is told in a style that doesn’t condemn you for the choices you’ve made or the things you’ve done in the past that got you into the bind you are in. Dave simply tells you where to start.

Starting is usually the most overwhelming so hearing someone say that it can be done, on the money you make now, is encouraging. I don’t have a lot of debt but the house alone eats up most of my income. It’s nice to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

This book isn’t really all that different from other money management, get out of debt books. They all have the same basic premise, you just have to listen. I think this book rang true for me because there is an element of faith in it. Dave talks about not just taking care of yourself and your family, but giving to others.

There is a chapter to help you understand why you have so much stuff, and why you keep buying more stuff, and how to stop. The part about marriage and money is really good, we all know couples where one person is a spender and one is a saver and each thinks the other is wrong.

The idea behind this is not to do without, but to get yourself to a place where you can afford the things you want, with money you actually have instead of borrowing it at 18%.

Dave lays out a plan and then tells you how to work that plan. There may be some sacrifices in the beginning if you are used to the instant gratification of credit cards, but in the end, the rewards are worth it.

Write down your plan so you can see, in black and white, where you are going. This will also remind you of where you’ve been.

Take the first step to living debt free and borrow this book from the library. You might learn a thing or two.