Finding a Scrapbooking Pen For You

Recently I was asked by a scrapbooker, what is the best pen to journal on your layouts? She was interested in what size worked best and what type of pen I recommended.

When choosing a scrapbook pen, many factors must be considered. The first consideration is always that the pen be acid-free. Most pens that are sold at regular stores are not acid-free. Specialty scrapbook pens can be purchased at all scrapbook stores and most craft stores. They will say acid-free on them.

Another consideration is what type of penning you will be doing with it. Are you using it for a title? Are you using it to do some doodles or drawing? Are you simply looking for a pen in which to actually write your journaling with?

scrapbooking pensWhen choosing a pen for doing a title, I recommend Zig Memory System markers. These come in several different tips, and my favorite is the Writer. It has a twin-tip with one end being a fine tip for writing and the other a bullet tip for colorful illustrating. For titles you can use both sizes and many different colors.

Zig Memory System markers also come in Calligraphy tips, Fine & Chisel Tips and Scroll & Brush Tips. All of these tips are fun and allow for maximum creativity when working on your layouts. And now there are new chalk markers.

For doodles and drawing the Zig Memory System markers also are a great choice. With all the tips to choose from you can create almost anything. I am also really fond of gel pens for doodles. They broad range of colors and the ability to typically write on black is what makes them so wonderful.

For your simple journaling pen, again I’m back with Zig. I really like the Zig Millennium pens. They come in a range of sizes which you can see below. It allows the flexibility of using them for more than just journaling – such as drawing or adding details to pictures.

scrapbooking pens

Millennium Point 01

scrapbooking layouts

Millennium Point 03

scrapbooking layouts

Millennium Point 05

scrapbooking layouts

Millennium Point 005

scrapbooking layouts

Millennium Point 08

  • Point 005 Tip-The tiniest, most delicate thin line possible (.20mm)
  • Point 03 Tip– The best all-purpose fine line marker (.35mm)
  • Point 05 Tip– Makes a good, solid thin line (.45mm)
  • Point 08 Tip– For making a “thicker” fine line (.65mm)
  • Point 01 Tip– A very thin fine line (.25mm)

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