Finding and Using Scrapbooking Message Boards

Every scrapbooker desires to share their passion with others. Not only to spread the word about their addiction, but to also connect and grow friendships with other scrapbookers. Being able to share your hobby with someone else, or several someone elses, can be rewarding to say the very least.

Scrapbooking message boards have cropped up, pardon the pun, all over the Internet. A simple search will find you dozens of sites, where you can go and get just about any type of scrapbooking information from regular scissor and paper scrapbooking to digital. While there are several very popular scrapbooking message boards out there, you can start right here on with the Scrapbooking and Paper Crafts Forum.

How do I find what I am looking for?

Some message boards are set up in categories, where you can find the category that best represents what you are looking for. You can go into that category, read other posts, or post your own. You can join in on a conversation, give your opinion or start your own.

Other message boards have it set up in a sort of tree fashion, where there is a topic and all the messages are inside that topic. These work the same way as above, but they are not categorized.

Almost any message board that you visit, will have the newest posts listed first. This makes it easier to see what is currently going on. Most of the time you will need to register a user name or nickname, and an email address before you are able to post anything. Scrapbookers like finding unique names, such as Scrapbookguru (mine), and other plays on our hobby using names like crops4life, or snipsalot. You might just be content to use your name with some numbers or perhaps you have another hobby that you enjoy more, which means you can create a user name with that hobby in mind.

Never hesitate to join right in, and get involved. Some great friendships have bloomed from scrapbooking message boards. And you might be surprised to make a new friend who lives close to you, where you can attend crops and classes together.

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