Finding Faith – Terri Ferran

faithFinding Faith” is the first novel for LDS author Terri Ferran. We read of Kit Matthews, a girl who has grown up in Ventura, California. When her father announces that he’s gotten a new job in Logan, Utah, and the whole family will be moving, Kit is less than enthusiastic. She’s even less excited to discover that everyone in Utah speaks a strange language, full of things like “ward” and “stake.” When she finds out that she’s branded as different because she’s a non-member, she comes to the conclusion that Utah has nothing in it for her.

But that was before she met Janet. Janet Bridger brings warmth, friendship and acceptance into Kit’s life, and along with all that comes Adam, Janet’s brother. The more Kit comes to know Adam, the more she’s smitten, and it’s not long before the feeling is mutual. But Adam’s just two months away from turning in his mission papers, and Kit has no idea what that means.

When Adam gets his mission call, Kit is surprised to hear that he’s going to Ventura, her old hometown. She’s tempted to go back for a visit so she can see him, but realizes that’s probably not the best idea. Adam has a plan up his own sleeve, though – he’s asked his brother, newly-returned missionary Justin, to teach Kit about the gospel while he’s gone.

While Adam is out teaching the gospel, Kit is at home learning it. She finds a lot of the concepts confusing, but she wants to keep at it, for Adam’s sake. Before long, though, everything falls into place and she realizes that she wants to be baptized, and that Adam isn’t her only reason.

A tragic accident challenges Kit’s new beliefs, and she comes face to face with her need to know. In her hour of greatest need, Kit receives a testimony of her own that God lives, loves us, and is there for us in every circumstance.

Author Terri Ferran has constructed an entertaining and interesting story, using creative turns of phrase. I did find some of the dialogue to be a bit repetitive and rambling, and felt that it could have been thinned out. Overall, however, the story held my attention and I found myself caring about the characters.

(This book was published in 2007 by Bonneville Books.)

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