Finding Fonts for Scrapbooking

Most scrapbooker’s choose to use their computer for journaling. This is usually because they do not like their own handwriting. My hope is that you will at least do a few layouts a year in your own handwriting, but at the same time, I also understand the flow and look that only a font has.

I’m often asked where I get the fonts for the journaling blocks and titles that are on my scrapbook layouts. There is no set location, but I tend to watch the idea books and magazines for cute fonts and then I look them up or buy them. Sometimes I will go on a font hunt when I am looking for something in particular. Here is a new and updated list of a few of my favorite places to either buy or download ‘perfect for scrapbooking’ fonts.

Free Scrapbooking Fonts Site 1

Free Scrapbooking Fonts Site 2

I love this site because almost all of the fonts featured are absolutely perfect for journaling fonts on a scrapbooking layout. You can tell that the creator put a lot of time and effort into finding only the best fonts, and they are all free. You can download them individually or you can scroll to the bottom and get them all in one big download.

Two Peas Fonts

With over 550 fonts to choose from, and continuing to grow, this is the website to find the best scrapbooking fonts out there. They are not free, but they are moderately priced at $2.99 per download, and have all shapes, styles and moods.

Scrap Village

Another terrific place to find a plethora of ‘great for scrapbooking’ fonts. She has pulled the best from all over the Internet and located them alphabetically to make finding what you need, easy.

Scrappin’ Fun Fonts

Four pages of fonts are found on this site, and can be used in all of your favorite paper crafting projects, not limited to only the scrapbooking layout. They is a great selection, and most of them are handwriting fonts that she has created exclusively for all of us to download.

We Scrap

Another terrific site for downloading over 200 scrapbooking fonts. They are free and you can find all kinds of fonts, from fancy script fonts to cutting edge classics. This site features a full look at what the alphabet will be like before you download it as well. Plus, I love that they show the top ten downloads and the top ten newest fonts.

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