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I consider magazines a luxury item. They are filled with lots of great information, recipes, news, stories, gorgeous photos and more. You can reuse magazines for wrapping gifts, creating art and crafts and more. But, if you buy them, they can get quite expensive.

Here are some ways to get all the magazine you could want for free.

Sign up for free subscriptions. Over the years, I’ve gotten subscriptions for Family Fun, Better Homes and Gardens, Woman’s Day, Family Circle, Saveur, Kiplingers, Budget Living, Simple Living, Jane, American Baby and others, al just by signing up online. These are full year subscriptions that the publishers give out in order to boost their subscription numbers. You can learn more about free subscriptions by clicking here: Free Magazines and Free Baby Magazines

Ask around for free magazines. Hair salons, doctor offices, and even libraries have a lot of magazines for their patrons. When new magazines come in every month, the old ones are usually tossed or recycled. Just ask if you can come and pick up the old magazines once a month. While they might not be the most current issues, there are still plenty of coupons and great reading that you can use.

Check out your local recycling center. For just a few minutes of time, you can find plenty of great magazines, some very current, that you can take home for free. If you become friends with the operators at the center, you may even find that they will spot the magazines and pull them out for you.

You can also check out magazines from the library, or read them at the library. While you won’t get to keep them this way, you can take advantage of reading the current issues.

Have a magazine exchange with a friend. Each of you can subscribe to one magazine and then switch your copies mid-month.

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