Finding Items to Alter With Your Scrapbooking Supplies

The best part of altered art is that it is an unending creative outlet. Altering something just means changing it from its original state or purpose. This makes unlimited possibilities with what you decide to alter.

In my frugal living lifestyle, I am always reusing items for new purposes. But now the same can be said for my scrapbooking. Recently I altered an AOL CD cover and turned it into a case to hold a mini-scrapbook I created of my five children. However, the possibilities for what it could hold are simply endless.

The scrapbooking industry is on top of the latest altering trends and are actually producing items exclusively for alteration. However, it is not necessary to go out and purchase something to alter. You probably have dozens of items lying around your home right now that would work.

  • CD/DVDs – You can alter a CD or DVD and use it as an embellishment on your layouts.
  • Trashcans, buckets or paint cans – Many scrapbookers alter paint cans, and that has been going on for awhile. Recently I saw an altered small trash can which was perfect for your scrap area.
  • Books – Books are easy to alter, and can be turned from toddler board books or old musty novels into amazing photo and scrapbooks, even journals to write in.
  • Candy Containers – It all started with an Altoids tin and has taken off from there. Sitting here on my desk I have several Tic Tac containers as well as a bubble gum tin that is shaped like a band-aid box. I also have several mint tins such as Altoids and I plan to create some Christmas gifts with them.
  • Pill Containers – These can be altered and used to hold tiny objects in your scrapbook area or other area of your home.
  • Boxes – Boxes or varying sizes can be altered and can contain tiny scrapbooks or an embellished pizza box can hold a large album.
  • Take out food Containers – Also a popular item to alter because it can hold larger items as well as make a great gift container.
  • Letters – In the craft store they sell wood letters for around .99 a piece unfinished. You can purchase one or a whole set to create a word or name, paint them any color or cover them in patterned paper and create some wall-art.

By now I am sure you have begun brainstorming your own ideas for altered art. What types of things are you planning to alter?

Nicole Humphrey writes articles for the Scrapbooking Blog and for the Frugal Blog. She also guest blogs on a variety of topics. You can read more of her articles by clicking here.

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