Finding Layout Inspiration Online

Having inspiration strike you, which in turn gets you scrapbooking layout after layout, is the finest way to get those pages done. However, not everyone knows there are dozens of places on the Internet to find great inspiration. Many scrapbook sites have these terrific galleries in which you can browse by topics, products and more.

These are my favorite layout inspiration spots on the Internet.

Two Peas in a Bucket – My favorite gallery by far. This website is so comprehensive that you can shop, talk and browse gallery masterpieces all in once place. They have their own set of lingo, so if you ever hear me say, “I’d rather be peaing”, simply ignore me, I’d just rather be at this website. They did however, recently redo their image software, so browsing layouts doesn’t seem quite as easy as before, however, it is the largest resource for layout inspiration out there.

Scrap Jazz – This would probably have to be my next favorite gallery for browsing. They’ve been around a long time. The people on SJ are friendly and the layouts are amazing. You can browse by categories, as well as by techniques (so cool) and a few other ways. They also have an artist of the day and a layout of the day. They are always amazing! – This site was originally owned by a gal I adored and is one of the oldest scrapbooking domains out there. She has since moved on, and while still active in the scrapbooking community, she is no longer doing that type of thing. It now has new owners and they’ve turned the place around “so to speak”. It is much different than it was before, with all the technology advances since the start. It is a really nice online scrapbook magazine now. A huge extensive gallery, shopping and articles are in abundance now. – Another great site. Their gallery is great, easily search-able by both paper and digital layouts which I love! Makes finding what you want much easier. They have thousands of layouts you can browse and scraplift if you so desire.

Dmarie – One of the oldest sites out there, but with some of the latest and greatest layouts shown. This site is an inspiration dream, with poems, quotes, titles and layouts all in once place. Their layouts are not as easy to browse, but they have a huge amount and they are awesome.

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