Finding Like-Minded Colleagues

Running your own home business can be an isolating endeavor. You no longer have the camaraderie or the natural support-system that comes from working in a larger company or department and you might also feel like you have lesson in common with former coworkers and colleagues now that you are an entrepreneur. It is still important, however, to find some like-minded colleagues to provide you with encouragement and support as you build you business.

I think a support-system is more important than ever as you embark on building a home business! We need people to bounce ideas off of, share their own mistakes and successes, give us a sounding board when we just need to vent, and help us connect to others in our field or industry. We cannot do all these things all by ourselves. But, where can we find good, supportive, like-minded colleagues when we are spending all our free time on building our business and our family?

Professional associations and networking groups can be a great source. So can taking a business class or trying to connect with other entrepreneurs through the local small business administration or other support organization for small businesses. You might be able to find online communities that support work-from-home business owners. These are springing up all over the internet so take your time and find one where you feel supported and that also feels professional.

Don’t forget about former coworkers and colleagues whom you might have worked with in your “old life”—while you may not be able to connect with all of them in the same way, there may be one or two who can support you in your new home business efforts. You might be surprised to find who else in your existing social network is also working on building a home-based business!

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Work Those Relationships!