Finding Mercie by Blaine M Yorgason

I’m not usually a fan of books with a strong religious thread, either they come across as preachy or I just can’t relate to them. That is not the case with this book. Although Finding Mercie has a strong religious bent you almost forget about it as you get caught up in the story.

Finding Mercie is about Hector Lopez, and immigrant who has made the US and the LDS church is home. When Hector finds a small girl who has been shot and takes her to the hospital his life changes in ways that he never imagined.

Initially he is a suspect in the girls shooting, largely because of the tightly held racial hatred of one of the detectives on the case.

As the story progresses you meet all the people Hector loves and learn how his faith guides him and his family through some very rough spots. It’s inspiring to see that although trial after trial befalls Hector and his family he never loses sight of his faith and doing the right thing.

Blaine M Yorgason is an incredible story teller with a way of weaving in back story almost without you being aware of it, and there is a lot of back story, which only helps you feel more connected to the people in this story.

The love and the trauma that defines the lives of Hector’s family will touch your heart and make you rethink your blind prejudices. One of the main characters has such a hatred for minorities and yet is unable to see it, even after it’s pointed out to him again and again. He truly has to face his worse fears to see that his beliefs are the worst fears of others.

So although the story is about Hector and his family you will find yourself looking at your views on faith when you see how tightly Hector holds on to his. And you will question your treatment of your fellow man and hopefully, be able to see the areas you are lacking.

This is a wonderful book with a heartwarming story and incredibly believable and lovable characters.