Finding Nemo: A Pixar Classic

When Finding Nemo was out in theaters I went to see it literally ten times. It was just one of those movies that I thought was so fantastic I wanted to share it with everyone I knew. I think I did manage to share it with everyone I knew at the time, individually. Those few friends who missed the opportunity to see the movie in the theater with me were then invited/forced to come over to my apartment and watch it then. This is a fantastic movie, and most definitely one of my favorites.


In the movie a fish Nemo strays too far away from the rest of his class on the first day of school and is captured by a fisherman. Nemo is a clown fish so the fisherman isn’t looking to eat Nemo, instead Nemo ends up as a display fish at a dentist’s office. Nemo makes friends with the other fish in the tank while his father goes off in search of Nemo, literally swimming across the ocean to get to his son.

Younger children might be disturbed by the many near death experiences Nemo and his father have during the movie. Nemos mother and his brothers and sisters (still in egg form) are killed very early in the movie, and while the death is off screen it is still heart breaking. If you have younger children you will probably want to preview this one first so you aren’t surprised by some of the adult issues the animated feature tackles.


Despite the many heart felt moments and action scenes Finding Nemo still finds time to be a bit humorous at times. One of the lines from the film that still sticks with me today is a line that one of the sharks says “Fish are Friends, Not Food”, when I trained my puppy not too long ago that was the model I gave him replacing Fish with People.

This Pixar release is amazing to look at animation wise, and truly a wonderfully written beautiful story, in my opinion a must own.

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