Finding Scrapbook Sketches Online

My favorite place to get inspiration is online. There are hundreds of websites that offer layout ideas and inspiration. I am addicted to sketches so finding the best sites to get great sketches was important to me.

There are dozens of great sites that have sketches, but these are my favorites.

Scrap Maps
This is probably one of my favorite sites, because it is categorized perfectly, and its as simple as clicking on what you are looking for. A great site!

Sketch Me If You Can
This is a blog, but she has dozens of beautiful sketches to use.

Scrapbook Site Gallery
Dozens of great sketches with nice clear photographs.

Becky Higgins’ Sketches
Becky is THE Queen Sketcher. She is the one who basically started it all. The hype on sketches can either be blamed on her or she can be idolized for it. I choose to idolize her. She’s amazing and her sketches are SO great.

Scrappin’ Stuff Sketches
This site doesn’t have a ton of sketches, but what they do have, could be adapted again, and again for many different types of layouts. It’s an excellent site with plenty of additional resources.

Heather Ann Designs
Heather Ann has a way with beauty, period. Her sketches are no exception. And there are always several samples designs with it, so you can see how it will look.

Scraplift Centre
This handy website has nice large clear photos of the sketches. Some have color are are really fun to use.

Simple Scrapbooks Sketches
Another great resource for popular sketches. The magazine provides them each month, and also offers examples of finished layouts.

Scrap Village Sketches
Scrap Village is one of my favorite websites, period. However, they have a great sketches and layouts section and if you are looking for some creative inspiration, this is the place to be.

Split Coast Stampers
This site has large colorful sketches, however it is forum format, so it is harder to find them all in one place. If you are truly a sketchaholic, you will not mind looking at them. Trust me, its worth it.

3 Scrapateers
A terrific resource for sketches and a whole lot more. This site has them categorized nicely and easily into 1-2 photographs, 3-7 and so on from there, including two page layouts.

Rocky Mountain – The Monthly Treasure Maps
This place feels like it always has something new. There are just so many of them, and you will surely find something that meets your needs.

Page Maps
Probably one of the most comprehensive, easy to navigate websites for sketches out there. It is so nicely displayed and easy to find what you are looking for, and it seems like the ideas are never ending.

Little Book of Sketches
This site is about adorable! It is totally a blog but it has tons of sketches and is cute and creative too.

Scrap Muse Sketches
One of the cool things about this site, is that there are several sketches offered each month. Check back often for updated content. There’s even a really easy section that offers past sketches all in once place. They look great.

Scrapbook Bytes
This site is mostly for digital scrapbookers, however, the sketches are adaptable for anyone of course.