Finding Scrapbooking Goodies On The Internet

Using the Internet for scrapbooking is a wonderful way to get free resources to use in your albums. There are many different ways to use the Internet, and hundreds of sites available to the scrapbooker if you just know where to look.

Here are several ways you can use the Internet to help you with layouts and more.


My favorite thing to find on the Internet is fonts. I know that’s the same for many scrapbookers. I am a font junkie and one of my computer’s (yes, I have several) has over 5000 fonts stored on it. I have everything from decorative fonts, to special letters and all those fun little dingbats. The best part of using the Internet to find fonts, is that there are literally hundreds of websites offering free fonts. A quick Google search netted me well over 1000 hits when typing in FREE FONTS.

Clip Art

With Google’s new offering, Google Images, you can use it to search for clip art dealing with whatever topic you are looking for. Earlier in the month I was looking for school clip art for a project my daughter was doing. I found more images than I knew what to do with. You can also type in Free Clip Art and find dozens of sites offering free images to be used in whatever way you need. Typically they are for personal use, and a scrapbook that you plan to make for your family counts.


The Internet is like one giant idea book for scrapbookers. There are literally hundreds of of scrapbooking related galleries on the web, just bursting at the seems with creativity. My favorite is Two Peas In A Bucket both for inspiration and for knowledge. Scrapbookers create layouts and then upload and share them on the Two Peas Gallery for others to view, scraplift or gain inspiration from. There are many other sites that have the same feature and can provide thousands upon thousands of creative layouts to get your juices flowing.

Journaling Help

Hidden between pages of layout ideas and more, is a plethora of journaling help. You can find poems, quotes, titles and everything else for your journaling needs. Stumped with ideas for a layout? Find a poem and create an entire layout around that poem.


With the multitude of message boards abound on the Internet, you are sure to find one where you feel totally at home. There are message boards dealing with all aspects of scrapbooking from digital to beginner, from sketches to themed albums and circle journals. A message board is a fun place to meet other scrapbookers, some who might even live near you, swap ideas, talk scrapbooking and request help!

Nicole Humphrey writes articles for the Scrapbooking Blog and for the Frugal Blog. She also guest blogs on a variety of topics. You can read more of her articles by clicking here.

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