Finding The Inspiration

In several places on various websites I frequent, many scrapbooker’s list their scrapbook page goals for the year in their signatures or on their profile page. I do the same, and I’m often asked about my large goals. Where do I find the inspiration to create so many layouts in such a short amount of time?

Finding inspiration is not as hard as you might think. In fact, if you look around you right this moment, you will probably see something you are drawn to. It might be the color combination of something, it might be the layout or display or it might just be the look or feel it gives off. Inspiration is all around us, we just have to look around to find it.

So where do I find my inspiration to get all these scrapbook layouts done? The answer is everywhere. But I will share a few of my favorite places with you.

Probably the place I look the most often for my inspiration is other people’s layouts. That could be in the form of idea books, scrapbooking magazines and even online scrapbooking galleries. Sometimes I scraplift the ideas and other times I simply like the color palette or just the design and those are the elements I work with.

Another place I love to look for inspiration is in magazine ads. They have marketing and design teams that put together these amazing layouts and it can be quite inspiring. This also goes for brochures, postcards and other items I am sent in the mail.

The only other place I look to on a regular basis is my own photographs. I look for color combinations, or just a simple idea from the event, and it takes me in the direction of designing the scrapbook layout.

A few other awesome places to find inspiration that I use sometimes include:

  • party supply stores or actual items (a design on a plate or cup, etc.)
  • home d├ęcor items
  • paintings and artwork
  • mother nature
  • children’s picture books.

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