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Recently, Kohl’s had a super sale on scrapbooks. In addition to the already low prices, I used a 20 percent off coupon to further reduce the blow to my wallet.

I ended up walking away with two leather post-bound scrapbook albums. I could have easily scooped up three times that amount, as the store had a seemingly endless array of leather albums in a rainbow of colors, including chocolate, asphalt, lavender, sky, cinnamon and green apple. In addition, they came in an array of sizes from 12×12 to 6×6. I chose the traditional 12×12 albums that came with a display window on the cover. The cut-out allows me to personalize the book with a few photos or an eye-catching title.

Whereas I am quite pleased with my purchase, my final selection didn’t come easy. I must have spent at least 20 minutes debating about the type of scrapbooks I should buy. I am partial to standard post-bound albums. They use the same refills as three-ring albums, but don’t look as cheap. The pages are held together by small metal posts that attach to each side of the cover. The posts screw together, and hold the entire book, as well as the cover together. However, when you open the book you can’t see the posts. The downside to post-bound albums is that they can get very hard to work with if you add too many pages.

Whereas I settled on the post-bound albums, I could have easily snatched up the gorgeous leather strap-hinge scrapbooks on display. This type of album uses a leather strap to secure the pages in the book. While the album is expandable, you can only stretch it as far as the strap will allow. In addition, you have to take the whole album apart to move pages. The benefit of purchasing a strap-hinge scrapbook is that the pages lie flat and the hinge does not show when the album is open. The design makes it easy to complete your layout directly in the album. What’s more, the pages are typically made of heavy cardstock and include plastic protectors that slide on and off with ease.

What type of scrapbook do you prefer to work with?

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