Finding the Right Church

Many have trouble finding the right church for their family. These include people who are new to the Christian faith, people who’ve grown up in religious homes and want something different, those who have located to a new area looking for a place to connect, and those who are unhappy in their current church.

So when looking for a new church here are some things to think about:

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find a good church. Asking other Bible believing Christians about their church or churches they’ve attended is a great way to be pointed in the right direction.

Know what you believe. There are many churches that call themselves Christian but believe very different things. Some churches are more “political” than others in where their beliefs stand on major issues. It wouldn’t be good for you to be in a church that supports things against your personal moral beliefs.

Know the Bible so you might better discern if a church you are visiting or have heard about is one you should be attending or not. Is it in line with the Word?

What style of praise and worship music best helps you have that worship time with God? Some people really like the traditional music and hymns and some like more contemporary music. Consider too, when attending the church, is the focus of the worship on the singers or on Christ.

You should be able to tell other believers by the fruit they bear when in a church. If a worship leader is off cursing in conversation or if the bible study leader is off gossiping to one of the Sunday school teachers about something, there’s a problem. Certainly no one is perfect, but those in leadership are to be good examples.

Is the church you’re considering in discord? Is the congregation divided and at odds with each other? Granted, I have yet to find a perfect church, but there should be a sense of unity. I’ve heard of too many families become spiritually wounded in a church that God is perhaps “dealing with”.

Last, but certainly not least is pray! Pray for the Lord to show you the right church. Keep in mind that one of the last places the enemy wants to see you is in church worshiping and praising God.

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