Finding the Right Vacuum

For years I have lusted after a single vacuum. The name Dyson makes my heart race and my palms sweat. Unfortunately, like true unrequited love, Dyson doesn’t know the extent of my undying passion. If only I could get Dyson to live with me, all my problems would be solved. Okay, maybe not, but I know my floors would be immaculately clean. Or would they?

I have spent hours, nay, months researching Dyson vacuum cleaners in an effort to justify spending nearly $500 on a machine that sucks up dust and debris. I’ve read every published online review, plus a few printed ones from magazines and newspapers. Still, I have resisted the urge to splurge on my dream Dyson. Mainly because our household budget can’t take the hit, and secondly, because I am still not 100 percent convinced that the vacuum is worth the equivalent of two utility bills and an insurance premium.

So, what is so special about Dyson? For me, it’s the fact that it features a consistent sucking action that allegedly won’t be compromised over time. Other standout features include durability, a lifetime HEPA filter, and several nifty attachments. What’s more, Dyson offers a number of different models to choose from, including one made specifically for allergy sufferers and another for pet owners. I fit into the former category.

My goal is to find a vacuum that does not spit out items after it has already sucked them up. For example, my daughter is a craft queen. That girl loves her some crafts, but at six years old she has not mastered the art of keeping all of her tiny supplies on the table. I need a vacuum with extra powerful suction that will enthusiastically inhale bits of dry Play-Doh from the carpet as well as stray paper slivers, glitter, microscopic pom-poms and the like, without regurgitating them on my carpet within a minute of their extraction.

I’ve read mixed reviews about Dyson’s ability to do this effectively over an extended amount of time. So, I need your help: Dyson owners, do you have a problem with the vacuum randomly spitting out debris while it is running?

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