Finding Time to Record The Memories – Time Management Strategies That Work

Preserving family stories should be a priority in your scrapbooking, but even when it is, finding time to record them will definitely require some effort.

Often we are faced with very little large blocks of time to dedicate to this, so we have to find those little slices of time and work with those.

Try a few of these slices of time below and come up with a few of your own to add to the list.

Turn off the television, and get to work.

Unplug the telephone or turn the ringer down, resist the urge to answer it.

Say no to a social engagement that you do not really need to attend.

Get up a half hour earlier in the morning.

Stay up a half hour later in the night.

Shave five minutes off your normal shower time.

Instead of reading a book, take the time to write your own.

Skip a newspaper read and write instead.

Why not miss that Sunday drive or shorten it by a half hour?

Skip your nap and write instead. Or write while your youngster is napping.

Instead of heading to the store with credit card in hand, save the money and write at home instead.

Have a pizza delivered for dinner, use the wait time to jot down a family memory.

Write while the kids are occupied with a cartoon.

Carry a notebook with you at all times and steal a moment or two while waiting for a doctors appointment, in the line at the supermarket, while the kids are at swim lessons or dance class, etc.

Take your notebook with you in the bathtub.

Don’t spend an hour on the phone with your friend, instead jot down a memory of that friend.

Skip mopping the floor, vacuuming under the beds or cleaning the stove this week, I promise the dirt will still be there next week!

Use your calendar. Choose one evening and block it out for an evening of writing. Nothing else in the way.

There are many other ways to steal some time here or there, be creative and you’ll find them.

What else can you think of?