Finding Time To Scrapbook (1)

Finding the time to scrapbook can be the hardest part about our hobby. You can be as organized as you want, have enough supplies to open your own scrapbook store, and have the desire to scrapbook layouts on a regular basis. However, sometimes it’s just not enough.

Sometimes our lives get so busy, and we can’t find a break in the day long enough to breathe, let alone get any scrapbooking done. Between laundry, and getting kids off to school and then home. Between cleaning and running errands. It seems as if there are not enough hours in our day.

But there are some easy ways to change some things and make scrapbooking a bit more of a priority.

Change Your Way Of Thinking

Don’t just accept that you don’t have the time, tell yourself you’ll make the time. Tell yourself that scrapbooking is important to you. Remind yourself of the way your children love to look at pictures of themselves, etc. You have to want to take the time. You can read this article 100 times, you can tell yourself you want to do it, but until you really want to make the time, you just won’t.

TV Time

A great way to find time to scrapbook, is to make the time during your favorite tv shows. No this does not mean you have to miss “Amazing Race” or “Days of Our Lives”, it just means do two things at once. Go ahead and try it. Spend some time working on a layout or two while your favorite show is on. You can even make goals to finish a certain number of layouts during your show. Challenge yourself and have fun.

Make a To Do List

This is another really fabulous way to get motivated and get going on your scrapbooking. Make a To Do List of all the things you need to get done that day. Put scrapbooking on the list. In fact, put it on the list everyday. Get the things done that need to get done first, and I bet sometime during the day, you will have your time to scrapbook. The reason this works, is because we spend a great deal of time during our day trying to decide what to do next, and what needs to still be done. Creating a To Do list eliminates the need for remembering everything.

I hope these tips help and motivate you to make the time to scrapbook your memories. Our hobby is an incredible blessing, you are preserving memories for a lifetime! Watch tomorrow for part two!