Finding Time To Scrapbook (2)

Still working on finding the time to scrapbook, I have provided a few more suggestions on making it happen. Don’t forget that it’s about attitude and focus. You need to tell yourself you will make the time. But once you have done that, try implementing a few of these other ideas to get motivated and start scrapbooking!

Attend a Crop or Class

Another really great way to make time is to actually sign up for crops and classes. Most classes include a layout you make right there in class. And it even allows for time at the end. You can probably get at least one two page layout done in a class period. Often when you leave a class you’re still so highly motivated you might just go home and continue creating! Crops are also excellent places to go. You can go and just scrap the day away with no interruptions or distractions.

Leave It Out

If you can possibly have your own scrapbook area, go for it. Even if it’s just a table or a desk. You can leave your supplies out, pages and layouts in progress, etc. This allows you to come back to it when you have time. Even if it’s only 10 minutes. If you have to take out and put away supplies each and every time you scrapbook, chances are you are wasting valuable time!

Make A Friend Who Scrapbooks

If you don’t already have a friend that scrapbooks, try to meet someone at the scrapbook store, or at a crop or class. Even looking online on some scrapbooking message boards you might meet someone in your area who scrapbooks. Perhaps the two of you can get together once a week or once a month to scrapbook. That in itself is sometimes a big motivator!

So see if you can find some time this coming weekend. Get some layouts done. Often if you can make the time, even just for a half hour, you’ll get some work done, and you’ll be quicker to make time the next time some layouts need to be done!

Happy Scrapping!