Fine Tune Technology and Computer Skills

With almost all jobs these days, there is some level of technological background required. However, the vast variety of computer systems, programs, and software applications can be overwhelming. How do you decide where to spend your time (and money) when looking to upgrade your technological skills?

First, make sure you have the basics. Whether you are currently employed or on the job hunt, there are some important skills we all need in today’s business world.

1. Microsoft Word and Excel – Even if you use these regularly there are always new features and upgrades. Keeping abreast of these changes will allow you to better utilize these programs. Updating yourself with some of the options and tricks will save you time and make you more marketable as an employee.

2. Internet – You should know how to use the Internet for research as well as how the basics of how a website works. If you are unfamiliar with this growing popular medium, there many options for learning more. Some are even free! Look for classes online, at a local library or community center, a junior college or neighborhood business association.

3. Email Programs – You can’t survive it today’s world without email. The programs all work slightly differently, so make sure you really understand how to use yours. Having a system for organizing your contacts and emails can significantly help you stay on top of your virtual communications.

Beyond these, the next level of technological experience will depend on your specific job or desired career path. The key process is to talk to the people who are in these jobs already and the teams who hire them. If you are currently in a job, ask your manager what specific technology skills will help you the most in advancement and job success. If you desire a new career path, talk to the human resource and management teams at the employer who would hire you.

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