Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium

The Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium is a calm soothing way to help your baby sleep, as well as provide your child with a crib playmate when s/he wakes in the morning. With soft music, lights, and gentle ocean sounds, even the fussiest baby will find it comforting.

Note: There are actually two versions of the Ocean Wonders Aquarium. They both have the same features, but with different shapes, fish, and music. The older model is a rectangular shape, while the newer model is more rounded. I have noted any other significant differences in the two models with the following descriptions.

The beginning of the use of this product begins with choosing a setting. You can choose to set it to music only; music and lights; or music, lights, and bubbles. The switch is located on the back of the aquarium.

On the music only setting, when the blue button is pressed one of three different tunes or 3 different aquatic sounds begins playing. Play will continue for approximately 10 minutes.

On the music and lights setting, multi-colored lights gently and slowly change for as long as the music plays.

On the music, lights, and bubbles setting, bubbles inside the aquarium are added to the changing lights and music. This adds just one more soothing element for your baby. On the older model, this setting has the mommy and baby fish swimming up and down, like the baby is following the mommy fish. On the newer model, this setting also includes the movement of the fish inside the aquarium, but they move in a circle around the inside.

There are also other elements of the aquarium that can be controlled by your baby. On the older model, the front panel has a ball on the left side and a push-down button on the right. When your baby spins the ball, the clam inside the aquarium opens and closes, revealing a surprise! When baby pushes the button, the starfish inside the aquarium spins. On the newer model, there is a starfish in a ball on the left side and a crab in the middle.

This product is available at Babies-R-Us, Toys-R-Us, Wal-Mart, and other baby item retailers. It sells for approximately $30.

For more information, please visit Click on the link for Infant Toys, then the link for Ocean Wonders. You will see each Ocean Wonders product listed on the right side of your screen.

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