Fisher Price Roll-a-Rounds Drop & Roar Dinosaur

The Fisher Price Roll-a-Rounds Drop & Roar Dinosaur is a fun way for your child to learn cause-and-effect and build hand-eye coordination. Color-coordinated ball drops, snappy music, and fun dinosaur sounds make this toy a great addition to your child’s collection.

The Drop & Roar Dinosaur has ball drops where your child can place any of the four the Roll-a-Rounds that come with it. Each drop is color-coordinated with its place of exit. For example, if your child places a ball in the blue circle, the ball follows the blue path down the dinosaur’s tail. Place the ball in the orange circle and watch it hit the pendulum and plop onto the orange platform as it falls. If your child drops a ball in the yellow circle, the ball goes down the dinosaur and comes out the yellow door.

The Dinosaur also has plenty of fun tunes and silly sounds that your child will love. Each ball drop has a few different tunes that it plays whenever a ball is pushed through the hole. The best part about that is when a ball is dropped into the purple circle so that it comes out the dinosaur’s mouth. When this ball drop is activated, not only will your child hear music, but the dinosaur also roars, giggles, or hiccups.

The Roll-a-Rounds that come with the Dinosaur are clear plastic balls that have plastic baby dinosaurs inside. Your child will love the fact that s/he can look inside each one and see a different dinosaur in addition to being able to roll them through the big Dinosaur.

Since the Roll-a-Rounds Dinosaur only comes with four Roll-a-Rounds, I highly recommend purchasing additional Roll-a-Rounds sets. When I bought this for my daughter, I bought two more packs which had six Roll-a-Rounds each in them. There are several different sets from which you can choose and each set has a specific theme. I bought my daughter the Zippin’ Zoo Rounds and the Touch & Tickle Rounds. The Zippin’ Zoo set has a penguin, a tiger, a panda, a crocodile, a hippo, and a kangaroo. The Touch & Tickle Rounds each have different textures on them, from scrunchy to fabrics.

The Roll-a-Rounds toys are recommended for ages six months and up.

The Roll-a-Rounds Dinosaur is available for purchase at Toys-R-Us and other children’s toy retailers for about $35. The Roll-a-Rounds set packs are approximately $7-$8.

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