Fiskar’s Ultimate Paper Trimmer

A paper trimmer is a key tool in scrapbooking. Once you get the hang of your paper trimmer, it can save you countless hours of time measuring and cutting. I have a Falcon cutter (and love it). My only complaint was that I was constantly having to measure and mark every time I needed to cut paper. When I saw a sale on the Fiskar’s Ultimate Paper Trimmer, I jumped at the chance to try this well-designed paper trimmer.

Here’s what I love about this trimmer:
-The measurements are on the trimmer so I am able to cut a six inch by eight inch piece of cardstock without having to mark it with a pencil or pen.
-It has two arms, one on each side, which folds out to give you 19” of measurable space. I use this a lot when cutting odd lengths because I can check myself on both ends of the trimmer to see if I’ve really got the right measurement.
-The different mats that can be laid down on the trimmer give me different views and angles to cut, which are useful when cutting irregular shapes and angles of paper.
-The blade is very easy to change and use.
-It can use several different types of blades; my favorites are the cutting and scoring blades.
-It can fit in my Cropper Hopper bag and is very portable.
-The parts are easily replaced and last a long time. My blade lasted 6 months of everyday use.

There are a few things that could be done to make this the perfect paper trimmer. It can be difficult to get cardstock or any other type of paper under the arm of the trimmer. Under the arm is soft layer of foam, which helps hold the paper still and keep it from slipping. I have found a trick that works ninety-eight percent of the time – slide one corner of paper under the arm and pull the rest through.

Other than that, this trimmer has made paper crafting, especially scrapbooking much more enjoyable and time efficient for me. Now I can spend my time actually preserving my memories, instead of spending most of my time with my ruler and pencil. I’d love to hear what your thoughts are about your paper trimmer. Have fun scrapbooking!