Fitness Lists of Ten ( Part I)

It’s time for another List of 10. Today’s list of 10 looks at the top 10 things I love about Springtime. You might think this is an easy list to generate, but I poured careful thought and consideration into this list. After all, springtime comes only once a year and it’s a good time to clean house and get fitness back in your priority list.

Statistics show that over 50% of the people who made a resolution in January to lose weight or exercise more have quit their programs by March. So, it’s time for the March, spring into action list. The countdowns to April 2nd and the Spring Forward day have begun.

Are you ready for some action?

10. Warmer days that aren’t too hot yet. Texas gets relatively mild winters, but then spates of almost balmy days and a couple of 90 degree ones thrown in for good measure. Spring means a return to warm and balmy with rain. Warm and balmy means you can get out of the house. Your kids can get out of the house and it’s time to get some action in and play!

9. Warmer days also mean you can shut off your Air Conditioner or your heater and open the house up. Yes, I know that some people have allergies and that fresh air can mean a fresh return to allergies and hay fever. But fresh air is good to air out the mustiness and fresh air inspires me to work harder.

8. Spring means green grass and colorful flowers. It means the scent of fresh cut grass and working in the garden. It means getting a workout that involves kneeling, pulling, digging, planting and sweating on a pretty morning.

7. Spring is a time to break out the bikes and work on the kiddo’s biking skills. I love a bike ride first thing in the morning or jogging along behind my daughter while she practices. We can usually take one of the dogs with us.

6. Sitting out on the back porch in the middle of the day for a mental break and soaking up the sunshine and scents. It’s a mental release every bit as potent as the physical one.

Stay tuned for the rest of my top ten lists and the Spring Forward to action planning!

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