Fitness Terminology – The Fun Side of Fitness

Time to tickle your Friday Fitness Funny bone. Alliteration always accentuates activity and achievement – but funny fitness fun day foibles filter flaws and Friday fritters. Yeah, that doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it is funny! The point being – it’s Friday – it’s FUNDAY – it’s time to get ready for your weekend and to slough off the week of tension, work and stress.

Let’s make your fitness a little funnier and remember – relaxation and sleep are a part of any good fitness routine. Getting rid of stress and anxiety will make you a happier and healthier person – so let me tickle your funny bone and most of all – help you burn a few calories through laughter.

Fitness Terminology is something we all learn when we go into the gym. We hear about it on television, we see it at work in the gym – but what does it all really mean? Here’s a look at the lighter side of it:

Forced Reps – Every rep I do is a forced rep and let me tell you, when you have a personal trainer standing over you telling you to kick it up – there’s a lot more force being applied.

Force Reps – Those are the kind of exercises Jedi Knights get to do – you know when Yoda is teaching Luke to power lift those rocks?

A solid warm-up session – Low stress workout on the treadmill followed by fifteen minutes of soaking in the hot tub – that sounds like I’d be solidly warmed up after that.

In The Zone – otherwise known as staring blindly forward while telling yourself just five more minutes.

Drop in sets – That’s the part where you let the weights drop to hit the ground cause your arms are rubbery noodles.
Circuit Training – Drinking a water bottle and watching an exercise video on television. It’s a closed circuit TV. And guaranteed to make you tired just watching it.

Maxing Out – That first rep when you have to prove you can pick up the weight you bragged about.

Protein Break – Pizza, loaded and a chocolate milkshake – you get some calcium with your protein.

Interval Training – You do a sit-up and then have to get up and change the station on the television.

Intense Interval Training – You jog around the house to get all the toys picked up so you can do a workout.

High Intensity Interval Training – You’re trying to get the house straightened, the kids settled and dinner ready while your kids are yelling at the top of their lungs – trust me – that’ll get your heart rate up.

Hold the Contraction – Performed during labor because your husband forgot the camera.

Breathing – Wildly inaccurate description of the panting you do while jogging up a flight of stairs carrying the baby on hip and a stroller over the shoulder.

Have a great weekend and remember – fitness is as fitness does – laugh while you do it and have fun.

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