Five Great Uses for Coffee Cans

Coffee cans come in many different sizes, are enormous in their largest size and can hold a lot of different stuff. They can be used in many ways. It’s the traditional trash to treasure concept when you are staring at a coffee can. What can I make out of one?

Here are some great ways to recycle and reuse your coffee cans:


Coffee cans make really cool banks. Just cut a slit in the lid and start saving. Once the can is full, you can roll the change and use it to treat yourself to something nice. And if you’d like you can decorate the can with papers, stickers, and paint. Have fun and be creative!


Coffee cans are perfect for baking bread. You can even leave the bread inside the can and give it as a gift by tying a pretty bow around the outside of the can or decorating with patterned papers. Just use your favorite bread recipe, and put the dough into a well-greased coffee can instead of the typical loaf pan. Place the cans, NO LIDS, into the oven to bake. The result: perfectly cylindrical bread loaves!

Scraps or Grease

Coffee cans can hold kitchen scraps or even the grease you need to drain out of pans as you cook. You can then just replace the lid and toss in the trash. Helps keep clean up to a minimum and is easy to dispose of!

Create a Garden or Plant a Flower

You can use coffee cans to plant flowers or create a neat garden in your kitchen. Cut a couple of drainage holes in the bottom of the can. Place a towel or the plastic lid on the bottom of the can to keep leaks to a minimum. Put soil into the can and plant your flower. You can also protect plants from wind or other weather, by placing a coffee can over the plant. Just cut the top and the bottom off the lid. Be sure and remove the can before the plants get too big.


Simply spray the outside of a clean coffee can with paint. Allow to dry completely. Decorate as desired. Tie a ribbon or bow around the outside. Place bread, cookies or brownies inside the can. Makes a great gift!
You can put non-edible items inside the can as well.

What else can you think of to use a coffee can for? Watch my blog for more great tips for using coffee cans!

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