Five Ideas for Food Storage Christmas Gifts

One great holiday gift is to give the gift of food storage. If you know that a family is trying to build their food storage, this is a great gift that you can easily customize to the families needs. You may want to discuss specifically what they are in need of, especially if they have been storing food for awhile. If they have not been, but are just starting you may want to use one of the five ideas listed below.

1) The easiest thing to do is to pick a category and to buy items out of that category. You may want to buy a few flats of canned green beans, corn, and peas. You may choose to stock mostly fruit, or flour or meat.

2) If you want to take a more creative approach you may want to come up with a few food storage meals. Good meals include things such as taco soup, chili, spaghetti and lasagna. You can then purchase the ingredients needed for the meals, and the sides and give a year’s supply of that meal. This would add variety to their food storage; just make sure to include the recipe.

3) Another option is to give the gift of comfort foods. These are often last on people’s lists, but they are an important part of food storage. This can include items that they like to eat when they are sick, such as soda, Jell-O, and chicken noodle soup. You may also want to include snack foods such as chips, pudding cups (the kind that do not need to be refrigerated), fruit snacks and granola bars.

4) Another option is to give a year’s supply of desserts. You can give a year’s supply of nuts, chocolate chips, cocoa, and oil. You may consider adding flour, powdered eggs, sugar and baking soda to the kit. You can include ingredients and recipes for twelve desserts, or one a month.

5) Another great gift is the gift of food storage containers. This can include water barrels, plastic food buckets to hold grains and flours or a shelving system to store the food on. This is always a helpful resource to those that are serious about storing a year’s supply of food.

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