Five Ideas for Ward Christmas Parties

Every December your ward will most likely have a Christmas party. It can be difficult to come up with a unique idea every year. If you want to try something new here are five ideas that you can do to have a memorable Christmas party.

1) You may consider having a sing-a-long Christmas activity. This is simple. You plan a musical night with members performing Christmas songs. You also plan on having the audience sing as well. This can be a very enjoyable and spiritual night. Many members love the Christmas carols, but rarely get a chance to sing them.

2) One of my favorite ward activities is visiting Bethlehem for a night. The ward members dress up in clothing of the time period. Different booths represent different occupations of the time. You may have a baker’s shop or a dairy for example. The night will culminate in watching the nativity. You can read more about it here.

3) You may want to plan a fun night, which involves Christmas crafts for the children and games for the adults. Santa Clause may visit this party. You can take the opportunity to exchange white elephant gifts and possible do a cookie exchange as well.

4) You may want to have a ward service night for a ward Christmas party. You can collect food for a local food bank. You may also assemble care packages for missionaries. You can make Christmas ornaments to give to neighbors. You may also pick a few different local causes and assemble kits or complete service for them.

5) You can plan a potluck Christmas dinner as well. This can be enjoyable since everyone has a chance to talk to each other. You can make this as simple or as elaborate as you want. You may consider having ward members perform musical numbers or a Christmas play during this activity.

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