Five Ways To Have Friends Scrapbook With You

Everyone wishes they could spend more time with their friends. For many scrapbookers this is especially hard because their friends aren’t into scrapbooking, don’t understand the big deal or don’t know where to begin. In addition, with as often as some people move, getting to know people in your area that scrapbook can be a real challenge.

Here are five tips on how to get your current friends to scrapbook with you, or to invite new friends to spend some time scrapbooking with you. You never know, this could become a tradition or a weekly or monthly thing.

Idea Exchange Party

This is one of my favorite parties. Invite friends, or better yet, new people over and spend a couple of hours brainstorming ideas for layouts, photo opportunities, or even assign each person a supply or tool and have them come up with ideas to use that item.

A True Cropping Party

Invite friends over to crop their photos. Not everyone cuts their photos up, but those that do understand that distracting backgrounds can get in the way. Invite friends over for a couple of hours to crop photos for layouts and spend time chatting about future layouts.

Embellishment Swap

I love swaps. I used to participate in them frequently and enjoyed making things for other people. And although you could easily swap items you’ve made, turn it around and try an embellishment swap. Have participants bring over tons of their embellishments that they don’t use anymore, or that they might have only used a couple of. Swap them with each other.

A Photo Sorting Get-Together

Invite your friends over, or invite new people from church, the community center or elsewhere to an afternoon of sorting. Each person can bring their photos and can spend the afternoon sorting their photos from years past. In fact, you could even offer encouragement to start separating photos into what would work well on a layout. If you plan it correctly, you could get people to sort through years worth of photos or separate enough photos for dozens upon dozens of layouts.

Monthly Crop-A-Thon

Host a monthly crop at your home. Advertise at church, the community center, even the grocery store or library. Ask people to bring their favorite tools and enough photos to complete two or three layouts. Hopefully people will be willing to share their tools with others, and some lifelong friendships will be formed, as well as some major creativity shared.

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