Focus on the Nativity

If you are looking for last minute ideas on ways to incorporate the Nativity into your Christmas celebration, you should search the church’s website with the words friend and Nativity. The activities range from complicate to simple and are targeted for children’s abilities and interests. This Nativity game is fun and educational as it explains the symbolism behind each of the figures in the Nativity scene.

If you act out the Nativity every year, you may want to change it a bit by focusing more on music as you act out the story. The Christmas hymns are a wonderful way to bring the spirit into the home. You may choose to focus entirely on the music or you may choose to watch the church’s video “The Nativity.”

You can also have the dress up clothes available for the children to play with during the day. This is a great way to help your children keep their focus on the Nativity as well. You may plan your entire evening around the Nativity. If you have an extended family party you may consider doing a smaller scale Town of Bethlehem activity, similar to the ward activity.

You may want to talk about the people in the Book of Mormon and how they were able to tell when Christ was born. You can also expand this to a family testimony meeting afterwards. Additionally you may invite each family member to write down their testimonies so that they can be compiled into a book.

As you focus on the spiritual side of Christmas, you will have a greater sense of peace in your family. You may want to add some sort of service into this night. You could deliver cookies to those who are alone on Christmas Eve, or invite someone over to participate in your family dinner. Next year you may want plan a Sub for Santa that your family will deliver Christmas Eve night.

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