Focus on the Scriptures with Your Family

Teaching the scriptures to our children is essential. The stories in the scriptures give excellent real examples of how to deal with the situations and trials that your children will face in the world. As a child I loved the Old Testament stories the best, because they were full of adventure. As I grew older I came to love the courage displayed in many of the Book of Mormon stories. The New Testament is wonderful as you learn the parables that Jesus taught while on the earth.

One of the reasons that it is so important to teach these stories is because they illustrate the gospel principles so well. You can talk about the importance of caring for others by sharing the parable of the Good Samaritan. You can teach the importance of forgiveness and repentance with the story of the Prodigal Son. The stories of Daniel can show that the Lord will stand by you as you stand up for your beliefs and continue to do the right thing.

You can work these stories into your every day interaction with your children. One easy way to do this is to read them the stories every day. You can also buy the DVD’s that the church has out that go along with the readers. I remember not enjoying them much as a child, but my children enjoy them. The narration may be slightly different. You can also provide the flannel board figures or action figures for the stories. This can encourage your children to act out the stories on their own.

In addition to just teaching the stories, you should work on teaching your children to apply them to their lives. This additional step is vital, but it only takes a few minutes after you finish reading. You can simply ask what the story taught, and then ask for a similar incidence in their day or lives. As the children grow older you may be surprised at the connections that they make.

Encourage your children to read the scriptures on their own as soon as they can read. You can teach your children to mark the scriptures. Take the time to teach them how to study and use the Topical Guide and the Bible Dictionary for more insight. Making this a priority will help your children to make scripture a part of their lives throughout their lives.

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