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It’s almost that time of year again for many children, as they are heading back to school. Three of my five are already back in school. The other two start next week and are entering middle school. So, not only do I already have back to school layouts to do, along with several school functions that have already taken place, with two brand new middle school students we will have many new opportunities for pictures this year. That means tons of school related layouts!

I love to commemorate my children’s school years. I like them to see the changes they made in themselves from the start of the year to the very end. I enjoy looking at pictures of fun and entertaining things that they did or accomplished at school.

Trying to come up with layout ideas for five kids for back to school is a challenge enough. I enjoy using fonts on my layouts for titles and journaling. I typically choose just a simple, standard journaling text for the journaling portion, but because of that, I like to have some fun with the title.

There are several websites that offer free fonts for back to school! These are fonts that have a slightly school like feel to them and would lend themselves perfectly to your school themed layouts.

Here are a few different places to get some great free fonts:

school fontsschool fonts
Moms Corner – Fonts For Kids is one of my very favorite sites for free fonts and as a scrapbooker, they are NOT just for kids! I love many of the fonts she has available and all are, of course free! Plus she has loads of fonts for other layouts too. Fun and creative. Clearly the best for scrapbookers.

Another great source for some cute back to school and academic related fonts is They have everything from educational school fonts to fun dingbats and handwriting fonts. All are free and work really well with any theme.

school fontsI thought this font was really cute and can be found at 1001 Fonts. They have tons of great fonts for all sorts of projects and educational uses.

If you know of any other great sources for free school related fonts, please share! With all the homeschoolers these are fun for home use too.
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