Food Storage: Organic Food

If you are a big proponent of eating natural and organic food, but worry how you can store include this type of food in your food storage you will be pleasantly surprised. In fact many of the basic foods that people store are more healthy and natural than what you normally buy in a grocery store. Many of the health food stores offer items in bulk, which can save you money. It is also important to consider alternate sources of acquiring natural and organic foods, such as Walton Feed or food co-ops, which encourage you to buy in bulk.

Another important factor to consider is to grow many of your own vegetables. This will save you money, and space in your food storage plans. It will also allow you to control the way that your fruits and vegetables are grown and harvested. It will allow you to have fresh fruit and vegetables for many months of the year. You can preserve the excess, and control what is added during the canning process. If you do not have space or time to garden you may want to consider participating in a farming co-op. You may pay a yearly or monthly fee, and then you are given a percentage of the fruit and vegetables harvested from the farm. Many co-ops are focused on organic fruits and vegetables. This can save you time and money in the long run.

In many ways focusing on eating organic foods lends itself to many principles that are incorporated in having food storage. For example purchasing wheat and grinding it yourself, allows you to consume the flour at the highest level of protein and nutrients. It also allows you to eat organically at much lower prices than you could normally. As you take the time to plan your food storage around a diet that you feel is healthy and good for your family you will feel empowered by your choices