For Babies Born on the 4th of July

Congratulations to all the new moms and dads out there who are celebrating a new addition to their families today on the 4th of July. Since there are babies born every day of the year, it is hardly surprising that many children are born on the 4th of July. Any birth day is a great day for parents and children and the 4th of July presents a few challenges, but also a great many treats.

Nationwide Celebrations

There are only a handful of days during the year where the entire nation celebrates in such a fashion that your baby will have parades, fireworks, a day off from school and the parents a day off from work. The 4th of July is one such holiday. Their birth day doesn’t have to be on the 4th directly, but on any of the days surrounding the 4th.

A friend of mind had a baby on the 2nd of July several years ago and every year they have done a patriotic theme for her birthday. Although her baby is now 12, they don’t do it just for the 4th of July anymore but because their daughter loves the fact that she shares the same birth day as the nation.

Honoring our Freedom and Your Baby

Whether you enjoy all the hoopla, bunting and stars and stripes – there’s a lot you can do to honor your baby, the new parents and the 4th all on the same day. What can you do for parents who are celebrating the birth of their baby and the birth of the country?

  • Send a patriotic gift basket – make the theme red, white and blue and populate it with baby supplies and clothing
  • Flowers are a wonderful treat for moms in the hospital and can add a decorative spray of color to their hospital room
  • Time capsules – while it’s a gift that keeps giving, you can start one and add to it meaningful 4th of July photographs, newspaper clippings and the history of the 4th of July that can be added to every year of your baby’s life
  • 1776 & Other Historical Movies – If you have access to a mini-DVD player –taking a couple of fun movies like 1776 to the hospital can give the mom something to relax and watch with her husband – the quiet time in the hospital is important for Mom’s recuperation and beginning bonding with the baby
  • List of Famous Names Born on the Fourth of July – Give the new parents a list of the famous figures in history and popular culture who were also born on the Fourth of July

Whether you go for a theme of red, white and blue gifts or you are just bringing them baby books, magazines or other supplies for mom and baby – there’s plenty to be done that can honor the birth of nation and a baby – some parents may want to focus on their new infant while honoring the nation in other ways.

Do you know anyone born on the Fourth of July?

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