For Men Who Do Not Wear Their Wedding Band….

Weddings, ceremonies, and wedding bands usually carry much more sentimental value to women than to men. Many men are not into symbolism and sentimental value. While, most women will never be caught without their bridal set, men can have a very different view.

I know many men that do not wear their wedding band for very long after the wedding is over. They all have some excuse that usually deals with the dangers of getting it caught in something while working or that men are not supposed to wear jewelry and they cannot get used to the way that it feels.

If these are some of the excuses that you have heard, you may want to share this story with your husband.

There is one man in the world that will likely not ever take his wedding band off again and he is glad that he is a faithful wedding band wearer.

On Saturday two men went into Donnie Register’s antique shop at The Antique Market. Their intentions were to robber the store and not let anyone get in their way.

After asking to see some a coin collection the two men demanded that Register give them money. The men then fired a shot from a gun at the owner. Register held up his left hand in attempt to protect himself. His wedding band averted the bullet.

Although the bullet did hit two of his fingers and a stray piece went into his neck, Register is alive and well.

The police say that the wedding band saved his life.

The robbers have not been found and make off with a lot of money from the store.

So the next time that your husband or fiancé complains about men wearing wedding bands, remind them that Donnie Register will never complain about his!

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