For the Kids

Produced along with VH1’s Save the Music Foundation, “For the Kids” is a collection of children’s songs sung by some of today’s popular music artists. Released in 2002, this collection of songs is a great CD for parents to enjoy along with their children. I found it on the rack at my local library and decided to give it a listen. I was pleasantly surprised as my daughter enjoyed dancing to the songs sung by some of my favorite artists.

Many already-familiar songs were remade for this CD. In fact, some Muppets tunes are included on this great collection. Cake does a rock-and-roll remake of the unforgettable “Mahna Mahna” which came from a skit performed by some random puppets on “The Muppet Show.” John McCrea, the lead singer of the band, lends his voice well to imitate the original muppet while the instruments — which make the music instantly recognizable as Cake — take over the remainder of the song. Sarah McLachlan provides a quiet, silky version of Kermit the Frog’s “The Rainbow Connection.” An arrangement of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” is sung by Our Lady Peace frontman Raine Maida along with solo artist Chantal Kreviazuk.

Other songs included on this CD had already been composed and/or released on other albums but were included as well. One example is Dan Zanes’s “Wonderwheel,” which is on his “Family Dance” album. This song tells the story of meeting someone at the fair and riding the ferris wheel together. Tom Waits originally wrote “Bend Down the Branches” for a short film, but it ended up making its debut on “For the Kids.”

“For the Kids” is a cool break if a parent is getting a little frazzled by listening to “kiddie” music all day. Your child will enjoy the fun and familiar tunes while you enjoy listening to the voices of some of today’s familiar popular artists. If you enjoy this CD, also look for “For the Kids Too!”

“For the Kids” is available for purchase from Amazon and f.y.e.

“For the Kids” Track Listing

  • Mahna Mahna — Cake
  • La La La La Lemon — Barenaked Ladies
  • The Rainbow Connection — Sarah McLachlan
  • I’ve Got to be Clean — Guster
  • Wonderwheel — Dan Zanes
  • Have a Little Fun with Me — Glen Phillips
  • The Hoppity Song — John Ondrasik of Five for Fighting
  • My Flying Saucer — Billy Bragg w/Wilco
  • It’s All Right to Cry — Darius Rucker
  • Sing — Ivy
  • Bright Eyes — Remy Zero
  • Willie the King — Dan Wilson
  • Snow Day — Bleu
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star — Raine Maida and Chantal Kreviazuk
  • Goodnight Children Everywhere — Sixpence None the Richer
  • Bend Down the Branches — Tom Waits