Forever a Mother

The word “mother” encompasses many avenues. A single mother’s role is two-fold. We are the parents, the mother, the father, the doctor, the healer of “boo-boos”, the advisor, the disciplinarian, the playmate, the teacher, the breadwinner, the entertainment committee, the bodyguard, the arms that hold them tight when they are scared, sad, or lonely and so much more.

A mother is the one that sits by their bed when they are sick, the one that lets them crawl in next to them in the middle of the night we they have had a bad dream. A mother is the one that helps her little ones to get better and kisses their hurts away. A mother is the one who disciplines even when it is breaking her heart. She knows that it will make her child a better person. A mother is the one who actually gets out there and plays with her kids. She swings the bat and hits the ball just because she knows that her children enjoy it when she takes an active interest in their activities. A mother is the way who sits up all night next to them while they talk about their problems. She stays awake and prays with them until they feel comforted. A mother is the one who goes over and over the math problems because she wants them to learn. A mother is the one who drags herself out of bed every morning without hesitation or any thoughts of staying home to go to work. She does this even though she has been up all night with a sick child. She is tired, but she wants a better life for her children and so she provides all that she can. A mother plans activities and outings so that her children can see the world and all its beauty. She tries to make their life full so that they have every advantage that children are supposed to have. A mother protects in the way that a black bear protects her cubs. A mother is there in times of sadness, loneliness, and in the times of fear. A mother knows that by just being in the same room with her children they feel safe.

The greatest, most important role that a woman can ever have is the one of “mother”. We are responsible for bearing, nurturing, and molding another person into who they will become in life. There is no other role in life that can ever take the place of the special person known as “mother”. Happy Mother’s Day.

Angel Lynn writes in weight loss, single parenting, and health.

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I am a mom to my precious one and only, a nurse in a heartwarming adult living facility, and a freelance writer. I am "Angel" to the one who has helped me through life for the past 2-1/2 years and has made a joyful difference. I am a featured contributing writer for Rich Women Sisterhood, A Distinctive Style magazine and a writing and health advisor on Just Answer. As well, I write greeting cards, articles in health, relationships, diet, fitness, parenting, and travel. I reside in Upstate, NY and enjoy spending time with my loved ones, writing, the outdoors, and fitness. What I would like to say to others is.......Slow down and enjoy the moment, as you cannot get it back. Dream, believe, hope, but most of all have faith. Be careful with your words...they have the potential to hurt or bring forth joy. Remember, gentleness is a comfort to a wounded heart. Wishing you all many blessings. ~Angel Lynn~