Four Common Myths About Single Parenting

Single parenting is never easy, but when you put in place the stereotypes and other misconceptions, you have challenges that a two parent household might not otherwise face.

Here are four common myths about being a single parent:

The Mother is the custodial parent

While in the past, this might have been true, it is not always the case anymore. My boyfriend is a single father of three girls. He has full custody of the three children and they reside with him. In 1998, the number of single father’s climbed 25% in three years to 2.1 million. Realize that it is eight years later and you can imagine it has grown further. Assuming the mother will always gain custody is wrong. There are many factors that a judge considers before determining if the mother OR the father are capable of having full custody. Here are just a few examples:

  • Income level
  • Area of Residence
  • Mental or Emotional State
  • Health Concerns
  • Safety and Well-Being

Children in single parent households have more problems.

While it is beneficial for any child to live with both parents, obviously statistics show the climb in single parent households. This does not mean that your child is going to fail, have low self-esteem or give into peer pressure any more, or any less than any other child. There are many deciding factors that can create these situations, and single parent households are not it.

Children in single parent households need role models.

While true on some levels, this does not mean you need to go and find a partner and get remarried. Children can benefit from having both male and females involved in their daily life, but these people need to be emotionally healthy and stable. There will be more harm done by exposing a child to conflict and unhealthy role models than having one healthy, effective parent.

Children from divorce, will go on to be divorced.

Just because you have gone through a divorce and you are a single parent, does not mean that your child is likely to follow in your footsteps. Divorce is on the rise period. And furthermore, divorce is done for all kinds of reasons. Whatever your reason is, it is unlikely that your child when married will have the exact same reason for getting a divorce.

Don’t allow myths to get you upset in a time you are already dealing with stress and problems. Trust in your parenting, strive to be better and your children will succeed.