Four More Things to Include in Your Family History

When you are compiling your family history, you probably think of including family stories, pictures and videos. These are important things to include, but there are several smaller things that can help to complete your family history. Here are four things to consider adding to your family history.

1) You may want to include your family’s medical records. These can prove invaluable as doctors try to diagnose your children. My son is not growing at a normal rate, and my father was small as a child. I would love to have his measurement to compare them to my son. I would also appreciate my own measurements, so that I have that comparison as well. Major illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes run in families, it can be helpful to know about these conditions as well.

2) Another great thing to include in your family history is clothing. You can take a picture of the item and then make a quilt out of the items. It is nice to feel and see the actual fabric that made up favorite clothing. Of course you can preserve very special items such as wedding dresses and blessing outfits.

3) You may want to include a collection of recipes in your family history. You may want to write a specific memory or tradition that you have about each recipe. For instance I have memories of a Cookie Monster cake that my great aunt would make for each of our birthdays. The cake and frosting are quite unique and I loved them as a child. This would be a great recipe to include in my family history.

4) A fun thing to include is a postcard collection of your vacation. You can purchase the postcards on your vacation. Then write the postcards to yourself and mail them home. This way you can collect stamps as well. You can store these in a photo album book. These are fun to pull out and read.

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