Four Tips for a Healthy Marriage

How healthy is your marriage? Despite challenges, which we all face, do you feel overall, your relationship is strong? If so, the following tips may seem elementary, although we can all use reminders from time to time.


When facing problems or challenges, it is a good idea to come up with solutions together. Even if you are the more “take charge” person in the relationship, your spouse needs to be involved in the decision making. On the other hand, it is as important for a spouse that tends to defer to the other person, to take a more active role instead of weighing the other person down with most of the responsibilities.

Be Positive

While it is important to communicate issues of contention, it is just as important to communicate those things that please us. Do we look for and mention the positive things our spouses do and say, or are we often too quick to make note of the negative?

Be Patient

Patience may be a virtue, but it is generally a learned attribute rather than being innate. We have to develop patience and understanding and accept the fact that the people we love will not always agree with us or do things the way we do them (or want them done). It is important to realize that our spouses may not develop relationship skills at the same rate we do either, and to be patient and supportive during this continuous process. Adjusting takes time.

Retain Your Sense of Humor

There are many serious issues involved in marriages, but too many people take themselves and life much too seriously. It’s okay to laugh. In fact, it’s healthy. Be willing to laugh at yourself and laugh with your mate and try not to become consumed by things that really don’t have much affect in the grand scheme of things.

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