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It’s curtains for Nate Berkus. The spawn of Oprah is an incredibly talented interior designer, but his daytime talk show just got axed.

I didn’t get the chance to tune in regularly, but when I did catch a show it was always one that included tips on creating a photo wall.

No lie. I’ve watched the show maybe a dozen times and every single one provided tips on how to showcase your favorite frame worthy images using any available wall space in your home.

Despite following Nate’s advice, my photo walls don’t look nearly as eye-catching as his. Still, his tips are valid. I especially appreciated his suggestion about finding a common theme in the photos you are planning to display. For example, if you have treasured pictures from family vacations, try grouping them in a cohesive pattern that helps tell a story. Consider the overall message you are trying to convey. Do you want to highlight the fun you had on your adventure or would you rather focus on landscape shots that are void of human subjects?

Another factor to consider is color. Personally, I don’t like the look of combining black and white and color images when designing a single photo wall montage. However, you might find that mixing it up works for you. If you opt to display both color and black and white pictures on the same wall, consider tying them together by using neutral colored frames. Not only will the muted tones yield a more unified look, but they will also help make your photos pop. As long as you keep the color of the frames the same, you can go with ones that are the same size and style or use non-matching frames. Depending on the size of your display you could also include shadowboxes or mirrors if you want to design a more eclectic look. For those with an unlimited budget, you could print your photos on slightly expensive, non-framed canvas for a clean, seamless look.

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