Announces Improvements to 1910 Census Records

If you do genealogy research online, chances are you know about You may even be a member. For people who might be new to online genealogy research, or those who like to explore different genealogy records, is pleased to announce that improvements have recently been made to the Census information on their website.

How, exactly, do you improve upon online Census data? According to, they have made the images of the documents clearer and crisper so that they are more readable. They have also made the records more searchable by adding the ability to search by a person’s mother’s birthplace and also by their father’s birthplace. Millions of alternate names also increase your chances of finding your relatives in a set or records that contains a great deal of human error – Census takers did not always spell names correctly, and also even correctly spelled records may have been transcribed incorrectly into digital form.

I visited and searched the 1910 Census records for my great grandparents. Unfortunately, I do not have enough information about them to find them in there. I’m not even sure whether they were in America at that time or whether they were all still in their respective countries of origin. Hopefully other people will have better luck. I know that with more information, I would have been able to find them if they were listed in that Census.

As always, whenever I mention a specific product or service, I like to make sure that I let everyone know that I receive nothing from I found out about’s 1910 Census improvements today and thought that fellow genealogy researchers might be interested in checking it out. Does the improved 1910 Census on hold new clues to your family’s past?