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Enfamil is offering a coupon for free formula. You can choose from one of three different formulas: Nutramigen Lipil, which claims to resolve colic symptoms often within 48 hours, Enfamil Gentlease Lipil, which has easy to digest proteins, and Enfamil A.R. Lipil, which is thicken with rice starch to reduce spit up.

To get your free formula, print out your coupon and bring it to your pediatrician’s office, where they will redeem the coupon for your free formula. The office will then present you with your recommended choice from the three offers.

This brings up some other ways to obtain free formula. For example, you can also use this coupon opportunity to ask the office for other samples. Pediatrician’s offices are bombarded with formula, since every company wants them to recommend their brand.

Hospitals are another good source of free formula. Many will send you home with cases of formula, if you ask. Again, they usually get it free from the formula companies.

Other ways to score some free formula include asking friends and co-workers. You may find moms who overbought their formula, and would be happy to give it away rather than throw it away.

Although I’m an exclusively breastfeeding mom, I am still inundated with formula samples, cans of powdered formula and liquid formula, and tons of formula checks. Although I have never signed up for a formula offer, the formula companies found me anyway. I have given all of this formula, in its various forms, away to friends who use the various brands. Maybe they got my name from the hospital?

Just to be sure that you will get free formula direct from the companies, sign up for those formula mailing lists. That is the best way to get the checks and offers in the mail.

Finally, you may be eligible for free formula from the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program. You can check the website for income requirements and information about applying to the program.

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